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Military Strategy browsergame

Desert Operations, the wargame and strategy game is one of the most acclaimed online games where you can face thousands of other players. Play free, no download needed, one of the best war games available online. Thirty buildings available will help you to develop more than 50 land, air or naval units.

Desert-Operations is one of the best free games there is. Lead a warmonger nation. The end will justify the means: espionage, trade and never ending combat!

Build and train frogmen, paratroopers, fighter planes, heavy tanks, bombers and warships for combat and supremacy. Travel the globe while your spy units infiltrate enemy camps to provide you with the most valuable resource during war time: information! Take control of the desert oil fields and paralyze the conflict by draining enemy’s reserves! Fight countless players and impose your law in this relentless race for supremacy!

Tales of your race for world's domination will be know in the international scene through alliances or threats of war! Declare your friends and your enemies!

Choose a side, choose your tactics: alliance or betrayal.

In both cases, you will have the same goal: turn into the most feared or envied leader of Desert-Operations. Build an alliance, negotiate with your enemies or betray your friends. Remember that only the outcome matters! If there should be one nation standing after the fires of war, it should be your nation!