Desert Operations

Desert Operations is a free trading and military strategy game, where you can face thousands of other players. Within this browser game not only the number of troops will decide whether you will be victorious but also tactics and strategy have a major impact. In your role as General, you are in command of 30 buildings and over 50 ground,air, and sea units.

Use the full broad mechanics such as spies, trades and tonnes of attacks to lead your nation to great power. Analyse in real time battle reports and adapt your strategy.

Military Strategy Browsergame

Send your SEALs, parachute units, fighter jets, heavy tanks, bomber and warships around the globe, while spy units, infiltrate enemy bases to provide you with the most precious resource at war: intelligence! Take control of oil fields and interfere to conflicts by cutting off the opponent's supplies. In the middle of a tight competition, fight against thousands of players and reign over the world. Increase your supranational influence and power by joining alliances and declaring war to other pacts and alliances.

Even you will have to decide whether you want to team up or divide.

In any case, your ultimate goal is to become the best general on Desert Operations!